Peter & The Test Tube Babies The Mating Sounds of South American Frogs & The Test Tube Babies инфо 13123z.

Данное издание содержит буклет с текстами песен на английском языке Содержание 1 September Part 1 2 Guest List 3 One Night Stand 4 Let's Burn 5 The Jinx 6 Blown Out Again 7 Wimpeваыябez 8 Easter Bank Holiday '83 9 No Invitation 10 Pissed Punks (Go For It) 11 Never Made It 12 September Part 2 13 Zombie Creeping Flesh (Bonus Tracks) 14 No invitation (Single Version) (Bonus Tracks) 15 Smash & Grab (Bonus Tracks) вмчшф16 The Jinx (7" Version) (Bonus Tracks) 17 Trapper Ain't Got A Bird (Bonus Tracks) 18 The Jinx (12" Re- Mix) (Bonus Tracks) 19 Trapper Ain't Got A Bird (Dub) (Bonus Tracks) 20 Blown Out Again (Re-Hash Mix) (Bonus Tracks) 21 Never Made It (Single Version) (Bonus Tracks) 22 Wimpeez (Single Version) (Bonus Tracks) Исполнитель Peter & The Test Tube Babies.